With the colour green acting as a starting point for a year-long project, Erica van Zon has created a shimmering visual landscape that riffs off her personal experiences and interactions with the world. Peppermint Twist is a playful yet sophisticated example of van Zon’s enjoyment of the hand-made, with her materials of choice being embroidery, beadwork, tapestry, photography and textured glass. From 90’s Wellington architecture to emerald palm leaves to plump avocados, Peppermint Twist is a collection of chromatic narratives tied together by their formal qualities.

Cotton on linen 2018 Archival print 2018 Cotton on linen 2018 Cotton, linen, Georgian Glass Frame Cotton on linen 2018 Glass beads on linen 2018 Archival print, Flemish glass 2018 Cotton on linen 2018 Glass beads on cotton 2018 Wool on canvas 2018 Glass beads on vintage cotton, 2018 Cotton on Linen 2018 Cotton, linen, stippolyte glass